Foreclosures Are Inevitable

Foreclosures are the natural inevitable result of the current complicated, “maddening” monopolistic, unnatural usury monetary system we have currently “trapped” ourselves into. Ever play Monopoly? Over time someone loses and is out of the game. It’s time now for a simple real life change: Federalize the privately owned Federal Reserve! Instead of having the interest on governmental and private sector borrowed money go into the pockets of private and foreign investors educate our legislators to be fiscally responsible by having them re-circulate the interest on all loans back into a public “people’s” monetary system. This act would:
o Reduce inflation
o Create quality employment
o Eliminate taxes of all kinds, especially income tax!
o Stabilize food costs
o Avoid the homes of hard-working Americans being siphoned off to private investors with “immoral money” through foreclosures.
Money in and of itself isn’t bad or good. It’s just a tool for making transactions between buyers and sellers easy. However, I believe usury; lending money at any rate of interest is immoral, illegal and fundamentally unethical. In a large sense now, we can see that money borrowed with interest is a crime against society with the observable results of bankruptcies and foreclosures. To bring it into an over simplistic focus, take the example of people playing Monopoly┬«. They begin with a certain amount of money in the game “borrowed from the bank” and every pay day, “going around GO” they get $200. Some people buy houses and some people land on them and pay rent. After a certain amount of time when one player runs out of money, he or she is out. Soon another one is out, then another. Eventually, at the end of the game, only the bank ends up with all the play money and all the play property. Anyone see the similarities in the game to real life?
In real life now, the few, the privileged, the rich, the educated, the sophisticated, the established domestic and foreign private investors have created banks out of a lot of monopolistic money. This was done over generations! They knew how money works and leveraged it to the max. Inflation didn’t bother them as they were making money with money! The more money out there, the more money they made! Some of them had inside knowledge, enough information to know when to buy and when to sell. Some of them set the rules: expanding or contracting the money supply. Some of them used the money for influence and helping people change their principle s and their loyalties. Basically, they live for making money!
However, the many, the less educated, unfortunate, hard working, poorer people with families and principles and integrity make money just to live! They have sacrificed long and hard over many years to pay the interest on borrowed money for a business and home. They should be rewarded with the fruits of their labors and not have their businesses or property foreclosed by unseen inflation, especially their homes. The interest on borrowed money need not go to private investors, but could easily now, with digital money, go to a public fund for the public good.